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The Transdermal Alcohol Detector is the industry’s first device to conveniently offer agencies, DUI/DWI courts, and treatment providers with continuous alcohol and radio frequency monitoring, in a single transmitter. Trusted and court-validated, TAD senses alcohol through the skin, allowing judges and community corrections officers to effectively monitor sobriety and curfews of high-risk, DUI and alcohol offenders.

TAD is a water-resistant, battery-operated ankle monitor that measures the ingested alcohol through a sensor resting firmly on the offender’s leg. This continuous alcohol monitoring technology measures offender alcohol use via vaporous or insensible perspiration passed through the skin. TAD applies a proprietary algorithm to generate a baseline for each individual and to ensure testing accuracy. The receiver installed in the offender’s home, collects and reports alcohol events to a central tracking system.

By combining alcohol and radio frequency monitoring in one easy-to-use device, agencies are able to effectively manage offenders and reduce equipment inventory. Plus, TAD offers so much more: 24-hour officer login; variable range settings for curfew monitoring; and a lightweight (less than 8 ounces) long-lasting, field-replaceable battery.