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Portable Alcohol Monitoring

Why Choose Smart Mobile?

The Smart Mobile is our all-in-one portable monitoring device. With a smaller, more discreet design it allows for easier portability. The Smart Mobile offers GPS tracking, a random test feature, and includes an internal heater, making it more reliable and efficient setting it above similar devices.

Easy Testing

When charged, (120 hours between charges on normal operation) SMART Mobile is always ready for a test. Tests are scheduled in 15-minute increments and can be set for up to 24 hours.

The next scheduled test time will display on device screen (random test windows will display “next test random” on device).

Retests are offered 2 minutes after a failed test is provided. Client will receive 3 retest opportunities after a failed test.  These results are included in a Real Time Violation Report (you don’t have to wait to see if a client failed, skipped, or passed a retest after a failed test).

Our easy enroll program allows for easy setup and quick services for $0!


SmartMobile Device Training Video

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