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Intelligent Fingerprinting


No urine collection, no oral swabs, and the test can be administered anywhere to anyone.

The Intelligent Fingerprint (IFP) drug test is a portable, non-invasive, non-biohazardous, rapid drug test that screens the sweat left in a fingerprint. IFP offers 2 test panel options:

- THC, COC, MTD, and OPI
- BZO, BUP, MTD, and OPI

Non-invasive, quick and accurate drugdetection technology that screens the sweat left in a fingerprint for drugs.

- Portable device
- Non-toxic
- Battery operated
- Results in 10 minutes

How It Works:
Collection - Sampling requires 5 seconds of contact with each of the donor's fingers. Analyze sample immediately after collection.

Detection - When you are ready to test the sample you place the cartridge in the reader. Follow the prompts on the screen and the reader will provide results as positive or negative for each drug within 12 min.

Typical Uses in the Criminal Justice Field for this Technology:
- Random Probation Tests
- Treatment Court
- Juvenile Testing
- Transgender and Opposite Sex Testing
- On-Demand Tests in Court
- Inmate and Work Release
- Road Side

Easy Maintenance:
The reader performs a self-check for calibration each time it is switched on. No further maintenance is necessary. It is also designed to be updated in the field if and when updates are available. The IFP has been tested to perform thousands of tests with no issue and comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.